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Our translators and interpreters are equipped to handle everything. They are not only bilingual, but often bicultural as well.  This key quality brings an added value to any situation from high-level engineering planning to on-demand requests.


Interpretation and Translation Services


Performing remote and onsite translation and interpretation services for the Japanese-American manufacturing industry is our specialty.  Although our focus is Japanese/English, we regularly work to bring in multilingual individuals with a background in a variety of languages.

Our solutions include:

  • Technical remote interpretation (by phone/VOIP)

  • Engineering and master planning meetings, etc.

  • Technical on-site interpretation in office and manufacturing environments

  • Master training sessions, HR compliance meetings, general support in the plant, etc.

  • Technical document translation

  • Budgets, planning sheets, global engineering standards, specifications, etc.

  • Restaurant menu translations

  • Training/HR document translation

  • Company-wide memo translation

Past Projects


Automotive Production Support

Provided on-site interpretation and full master trainer support in assembly, paint and body weld for client's first-ever luxury sedan launch in the United States. 


New Crankshaft Line Construction

Interpreted every phase of the project from initial construction of the building through "power on" of all equipment.

Our members coordinated among plant-staff, multiple contracting organizations, and dozens of Japanese supervisors from different companies with varying specialties.


Company-wide Training Document Translation

From 2015-2016, translated and quality checked over 600 pages of documents used for training purposes for international transfer employees.

Documents came from a variety of departments and dealt with many technical and legal topics.


Ongoing Assembly Document Translation

As an ongoing project and agreement, our staff members translate essential planning documents for smooth communication between the US and Japan assembly branches of a major manufacturing company.  From 2014 to 2015, our staff completed over 800 pages of these documents, all of which had varying deadlines and requestors.

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