About Automation

Our Automation department tackles the most complex projects in the industry with the highest skilled and most experienced team possible.

We offer a variety of automation services, focusing particularly on weld and conveyance equipment. We regularly manage turnkey projects from the mechanical design until signing off on the last kanban. We support integration projects consistently on weekends, off-shifts, and holidays.

Our team is at top speed when your production isn't.


Automation Services

CSI Group offers a variety of solutions for any project. Whether the project is large or small, local or international, we are able to meet your needs.

We have a rich history providing  full solution turnkey projects to the local market, and we make sure to support projects from design to installation.

The types of projects we regularly support include:

  • Robot weld cells
  • Conveyance equipment
  • Control panel upgrades
  • Robot additions
  • R1J2/R2J2 cells
  • Material handling tools

Past Projects

Our team has a strong reputation for supporting the most difficult work in the industry for several international automotive manufacturers.  We have completed services which include:

  • Matehan design, fabrication and integration
  • Addition of plant-wide car type
  • UR respot line safety category upgrade panel swap
  • Paint wash line integration
  • Weld water system controls conversion from Allen Bradley to Toyopuc
  • Integration of Assembly Final conveyor

Monthly Capacity

  • Project Management: 500 hours
  • Electrical Design: 900 hours
  • Mechanical Design: 650 hours
  • On-site Integration: 1200 hours
  • Shop capacity: 22,000 sq.ft


We provide the total import package.  When our North American clients need specialized equipment from Japan, our client provides the specs and we take it from there; facilitating global meetings, engineering, build and buy offs, shipment to North America and installation on-site.


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