Our Automation department tackles the most complex projects in the industry with the highest skilled and experienced team possible.  We offer a variety of automation services, focusing particularly on weld and conveyance equipment.  Our department regularly manages turnkey projects from the mechanical design until signing off on the last kanban.  We consistently support integration projects on weekends, off-shifts, and holidays.  Meaning our team is at top speed when your production isn't.

Professional Staffing

Our goal is to bring the best global talent to you doorstep.  For 15 years, CSI Group has identified, trained and placed staff from all over the world including Australia, Canada, Japan and the U.S.  These staffed members have filled a variety of specialized roles both short and long-term.  If you are looking for personnel with an extensive technical background in a specific machinery, a multilingual team member for your project, or a self-starter for your administration team, we have your solution.


We have been providing translation and interpretation services to the Japanese-American manufacturing community in Kentucky for the past 15 years.  Our translators and interpreters are equipped to handle everything from high-level engineering planning meetings and documents to on-demand document translation and interpretation.  Our company values a challenge, so no matter the topic, we always strive to meet your needs.